Design of 5-Axis Lab Robotic Arm with Embedded PWM Motor Control on Microcontroller and PC

[Full report is available to be downloaded, the embedded pdf can be viewed at the bottom of this page]


Educational and training equipment cost too much when imported. We proposed a
design of a 5-axis Articulated Robotic Arm Trainer (named IES v1), which is
produced locally at relatively lower costs than those imported. We used
sophisticatedly designed links made out of acrylic and high torque servo motors. This
is relatively a different and an indigenous design. The mathematical modeling is done
in MATLAB using standard forward kinematic convention of Denavit-Hartenberg
parameters. These parameters are used to calculate the position of the end-effector
when the joint angles are known. The desired joint angles are given as commands
through the MATLAB GUI over the serial port to the Atmega128 microcontroller
which then processes them and sends the output accordingly to the PWM channels to
rotate the servo motors.Lab manuals have been compiled for giving students a clear
understanding of the working of robotic arms. The text will guide students to perform
operation efficiently, guiding them though each procedure.

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